You can view quan spectra for given peptides by using the Show Associated Tables.


  1. Select Show Associated Tables at the bottom of the Peptide Groups table.
  2. Select the PSM tab.
  3. In the Peptide Group table, highlight the [K].MKPFIFGAR.[N]row.
  4. In the PSMs table, select the entry.
  5. Select the Show Quan Spectrum icon in the toolbar.
  6. The spectrum that appears below in the averaged spectrum across the elution profile of the three forms of the peptide. Each form of the peptide is labeled in the spectrum.
  7. Open the Chromatogram Traces View and the Quan Channels window as described previously.
  8. Dock the Quan Spectra view adjacent to the Chromatogram Traces View.
  9. This type of layout helps you compare the calculated quantification results to the original raw data and elution profiles to help prove that the results calculated for that peptide are valid.