Starting the run is the final step in an analysis.


  1. In the Study, go to the Grouping & Quantification tab.
  2. Under the Study Variables section, select Stimulation.
  3. For the numerator, select Insulin.
  4. In the Manual Ratio Generation pane, for the denominator, select Control, and select Add Ratio.
  5. Change the numerator by choosing IGF-1, and selecting Add Ratio.
  6. In the Generated Ratios pane, the ratios Insulin/Control and IGF-1/Control appear.
  7. In the Analysis pane, select Run.
  8. A warning appears stating that the Sample Group "Pool" is not used for any ratio.
  9. Select Ignore to start the analysis.
  10. TIP

    Do not include Pool in the processing. Because there is only a single Pool channel, the application cannot calculate p-values for ratios that include the pool.

  11. The processing and consensus workflows appear in the Job Queue.