You can export a Chromeleon report for an injection, an entire sequence, or multiple sequences to other file formats. You can export reports from both the Chromeleon Console and the Chromatography Studio.

To export a report from the Chromeleon Console, follow these steps:


  1. Do any of the following:
  2. To export the report for an injection, right-click the injection and then select Export.
  3. To export the report for an entire sequence, right-click the sequence and then select Export.
  4. To export the report for multiple sequences, select the sequences of interest and then right-click Export.
  5. In the Export dialog box that opens, specify a report template and a channel.

Report templates that are included in the sequence are listed in the Use report template box.


When exporting multiple sequences, each sequence is exported using its preferred report template and export format. If the preferred report template or export format for a sequence has not been specified, the sequence cannot be exported.

  1. Specify where the exported files will be saved.
  2. Select one or more export formats for the report. You can export to multiple formats at the same time.
  3. (Optional) Select next to the selected export formats to define the export parameters of each format; for example, how the exported files will be named. Select OK.
  4. The export starts, and its progress is displayed in the notification bar.


For more information about exporting the results, refer to the Printing Reports: Export a Report topic in the Chromeleon 7 Help.