A data vault ( ) is a container for all data. The Data category provides access to all the data that is stored in each connected data vault.

A data vault can contain the following objects:

  • Folder: A container for objects. Use folders to organize data in a data vault.
  • Sequence: A collection of injections that belong together. A typical sequence contains an instrument, a processing method, a report template, and a view settings file.
  • Instrument Method: A set of timed commands for an instrument that are executed during a chromatographic analysis.
  • Processing Method: A collection of parameters (including parameters for peak detection and calibration) that are used to evaluate a chromatogram.
  • Report Template: A file that defines how data is displayed, printed, or exported. A report template can also contain calculations. When applied to a sequence (to view, print, or export the results), the output is referred to as a report.
  • Electronic Report: An electronic version of the results of a sequence.
  • View Settings: These settings define how data is presented on the screen, and include settings for interactive result tables, chromatograms, calibration curves, and so on.
  • UV Spectral Library: A collection of spectra used for peak identification.
  • Query: A data vault search that you can use to find injections that match certain criteria.
  • Instrument Audit Trails: A log of instrument events such as system settings, executed commands, and error messages.