Using the Instrument Configuration Manager, you can add, configure, or delete instruments and modules, as well as connect to instruments, and track changes made to instruments from the Instrument Configuration Manager.

The Instrument Configuration Manager window is divided into 5 areas (see Instrument Configuration Manager).



Title bar: You can right-click anywhere in the title bar to minimize, maximize, restore, move, or re-size the Instrument Configuration Manager window.


Navigation pane: In the navigation pane, you can see the names of all computers that are running an Instrument Controller service and that are currently connected to an Instrument Controller.


Menu bar: The Menu bar lists commands. You can open or import files, edit the instrument setup, and manage the view of different commands in the menu bar. You can also manage the instrument controller and open the Instrument Configuration Manager Help.


Work area: Displays details of the configuration process.


Toolbar: You can add modules, devices, and shareable interfaces to an instrument by selecting the buttons in the toolbar.


For more information about working with the Chromeleon Instrument Configuration Manager refer to the Chromeleon Instrument Configuration Manager Help.