The Chromeleon Services Manager is a Chromeleon utility program that shows the states of Chromeleon services and lets you start and stop the Instrument Controller Service. The Chromeleon Services Manager program is normally minimized as a Chromeleon tray icon in the notification area of the Microsoft™ Windows taskbar. The Services Manager window is divided into four areas (see Chromeleon Services Manager).



Title bar: You can right-click anywhere in the title bar to minimize, maximize, restore, move, or re-size the Chromeleon Services Manager window.


Other Chromeleon Services area: Displays information about Chromeleon services other than the Instrument Controller service. Use the Manage Services button to expand or hide the list of services. You can start, restart, or stop the services or the selection of multiple services.


Instrument Controller Service area: Displays information about the status of the Instrument Controller.


Some Services Running area: Displays a summary of service statuses and detailed information on errors.


For more information about the Chromeleon Services Manager, refer to the Chromeleon Services Manager topic in the Chromeleon 7 Help.