The Chromeleon Administration Console is the central access point for all administrative tasks in Chromeleon. In the Chromeleon Administration Console, you can do the following:

  • Manage users
  • Allocate licenses
  • Plan, and organize tasks with the Scheduler
  • Define global policies and organizational units
  • Manage data vaults
  • Configure the Discovery Service
  • Monitor other Chromeleon services
  • Manage domain resources

The Administration Console window is divided into four areas (see Administration Console).



Title bar: You can right-click anywhere in the title bar to minimize, maximize, restore, move, or re-size the Administration Console window.


Status bar: On the left, it displays the name of the current user. On the right, it displays the status of the Chromeleon domain controller and the username of the current user.


Menu bar: Use this bar to browse and select items.


Work area: Displays content details for the item selected in the menu bar.


For more information about the Administration Console, refer to the Administering Chromeleon topic in the Chromeleon 7 Help.