Chromeleon is a chromatography data system that lets you control chromatography instruments as well as evaluate, process, report, and backup data.

Chromeleon has several software components (see Introduction to Chromeleon), which are defined as follows:

  • Administration Console: Central access point for the following administrative areas:
    • License Manager: Provides tools for managing the licenses for Chromeleon workstations and users.
    • Scheduler: Provides tools for scheduling data transfers.
    • User Database: Provides tools for managing system policies, users and roles, access privileges, and operational privileges.
    • Global Policies: Provides settings for global Chromeleon policies.
    • Domain Resources: Central repository that contains information about the available instruments and data vaults.
    • Local Machine: Provides tools for managing local Chromeleon 7 data vaults (create, mount and dismount) and Chromeleon 6 data sources (mount and dismount). Also lets you change the Chromeleon domain controller.
  • Chromeleon Client: Software that provides the user interface for all tasks that are related to instrument operation, data analysis, and data management.
  • Chromeleon Services Manager: Shows the status of the Chromeleon Instrument Controller service and provides a user interface to control this service. Also, displays the statuses of all other Chromeleon services.
  • Chromeleon Instrument Configuration Manager: Lets you configure the instruments that are connected to the Instrument Controller PC.