1. On the BioPharma Finder home page, select Top Down Analysis in the Experiment Types navigation pane.
  2. Select the Load Results tab on the navigation bar.
  3. The Load Results page opens and a table displays all of the previously saved top down analysis results, listed in chronological order of completion. You can sort and/or filter the table as needed.
  4. image/svg+xml Command bar
    Load Results table
  5. The Load Results table displays the following information:
  6. •Experiment name
  7. •Raw data file names/file paths
  8. •Processing method name
  9. •Protein sequence names (derived from FASTA files)
  10. •Number of peaks defined for the analysis
  11. •Time of completion and processing time
  12. To open the results of an experiment, do one of the following:
  13. Double-click the experiment row.
  14. Select the experiment row and select Load Results on the command bar.
  15. The Process and Review page opens.


For more information on organizing experiment results using the Experiment Manager on the Load Results page, see Organize experiment results.