The last page of the processing method editing wizard is the Save Experiment page. Use the Save Experiment page to save the changes you made to the currently open experiment and processing method and begin processing your experiment.


  1. For a top down analysis experiment, you entered an experiment name, loaded the raw data files and entered the conditions (if applicable), and selected a protein sequence on the Top Down Analysis page. You are editing the processing method using the wizard.


  1. To open the Save Experiment page, do one of the following:
  2. On the Identification page, select Next on the command bar.
  3. Select the Parameters tab on the navigation bar and then select the Save Experiment subtab.
  4. The Save Experiment page contains two sections: Method Name/Notes (editable) and a read-only section summarizing global and peak-specific data and parameters.
  5. On the Save Experiment page, type a new name into the Method Name box.
  6. The Method Name box is automatically populated with the method selected in the Processing Method section on the Top Down Analysis page.
  7. A description of the method can be typed into the Description box underneath Method Name.
  8. NOTE

    If you do not change the Method Name to a new name, the application will overwrite the previous method of the same name with the current method.

    You cannot overwrite a default processing method. You must save changes made to a default method under a new name.

  9. To save the processing method and submit the experiment for processing in the run queue, select Finish on the command bar.