When you submit a top down analysis experiment on the Top Down Analysis page, the application submits the experiment to the run queue and opens the Queue page. The Queue page lists all of the submitted, in-progress, completed, and cancelled jobs in the run queue.

  • When your experiment is actively processing, its job status shows Running.
  • When processing is complete, its job status shows Completed.
  • If you submit your experiment while another experiment is processing, your experiment is added to the run queue and its job status shows Submitted.
  • Other possible statuses include Cancelled, Abort, and Error.

For more information on managing the run queue, see Use the run queue.

The following table describes the columns on the Queue page.

Queue Page table



Record Number

Record number of the current experiment

Experiment Name

Name of the current experiment


Status of the job: Submitted, Running, Cancelled, Completed, Abort, or Error

Experiment Type

Experiment type selected

Method Name

Name of the processing method selected

Sequence Name

Name of the protein sequence(s) selected

Raw File Names

Names of raw data files uploaded

Submit Time

Time when you submitted the experiment for processing

Start Time

Time when the application started processing the experiment

Completion Time

Time when the application completed processing the experiment

Total Processing Time (min)

Time taken to process the experiment from start time to completion time