The Thermo Scientific™ BioPharma Finder™ software provides in-depth characterization of biotherapeutics including both proteins and oligonucleotides. With BioPharma Finder, you can perform peptide mapping, oligonucleotide, intact mass, and top- and middle-down protein analyses as well as multi-attribute method (MAM) workflows.

The BioPharma Finder workflow-driven software facilitates comprehensive interpretation and data visualization, letting you characterize your biologics with speed and ease. From novel deconvolution algorithms capable of delivering complete results to easy-to-understand data visualization tools, BioPharma Finder helps you choose the right path for protein and oligonucleotide characterization.

The BioPharma Finder software consolidates the Thermo Scientific™ PepFinder™ and Thermo Scientific™ Protein Deconvolution™ software applications into one platform. It also includes various features from the Thermo Scientific™ Pinpoint™ software and ProSight Lite, a free tool developed by the Proteomics Center of Excellence at Northwestern University.

The present user guide describes the BioPharma Finder data analysis workflows and explains how you can use BioPharma Finder to interpret LC/MS experimental results and characterized biotherapeutics.