1. On the BioPharma Finder home page, select the Peptide Mapping Analysis, Oligonucleotide Analysis, Intact Mass Analysis, or Top Down Analysis workflow link in the Experiment Types pane or below the splash graphic.
  2. The corresponding workflow page opens.
  3. Select a processing method and then select Edit Method.
  4. NOTE

    To edit some processing methods, you might need to load raw data files and/or select a sequence to apply to the experiment.

  5. In the navigation bar, select the Parameters tab, and then select the Save Method subtab (for peptide mapping analysis, oligonucleotide analysis, and intact mass analysis) or the Save Experiment subtab (for top down analysis).
  6. On the Save Method page, type a new name into the Method Name box.
  7. The Method Name box is automatically populated with the method selected in the Processing Method section.
  8. Notes about the method can be typed into the Notes box underneath Method Name.
  9. NOTE

    If you do not change the Method Name to a new name, the application will overwrite the previous method of the same name with the current method.

    You cannot overwrite a default processing method. You must save changes made to a default method under a new name.

  10. To save the processing method and submit the experiment for processing in the run queue, select Finish on the command bar.
  11. The application adds the new customized processing method to the table in the Processing Method section for the appropriate workflows.
  12. NOTE

    If the processing method you edited required you to load raw data files and/or select a sequence to apply to the experiment, selecting Finish submits the job to the run queue in addition to saving the processing method.