Right-clicking inside the Chromatogram, Peak # − Intact Fragmentation Source Spectrum, or Peak # − Intact Deconvolution Source Spectrum panes of the Component Detection page opens a shortcut menu with the commands listed in the following table.

Chromatogram/Source Spectra panes shortcut menu commands



Reset Scale

Restores the pane to the original view.

Copy as Displayed

Copies the image viewable in the pane to the clipboard.

Copy per Global Settings

Copies the image in the pane to the clipboard based on the global image dimensions set in the Top Down Analysis Settings dialog box.

Zoom Out

Shrinks the view in the pane by a factor of 2.

Zoom In

Enlarges the view in the pane by a factor of 2.

Chromatogram Trace Type

(For the Chromatogram pane only) Selects which type of chromatogram to display in the Chromatogram pane (TIC or BPC).