The following table describes the data in the All Possible Proteoforms table.

All Possible Proteoforms table columns



Row number (bolded)

The number assigned to each visible proteoform row in the table. This sequential numbering does not change when you sort or filter the table.

Check box

Select this checkbox if you want to save the proteoforms in the selected rows with the protein sequence for a search.

To select or clear all of the checkboxes at once, select or clear the checkbox in the column header.

If you filter the table, the following occurs:

  • Clearing all checkboxes affects all of the original rows in the table, before any filtering.
  • Selecting all checkboxes affects only the filtered and currently visible rows.


Displays the protein sequence name, followed by an underscore, and then site(modification) for each modification separated by a comma.

For example, in the identification of "Protein_C4(Oxidation),N35(Deamidation)":

  • "Protein" represents the protein sequence name.
  • "C4" represents the site of the first modification.
  • "Oxidation" represents the first modification.
  • "N35" represents the site of the second modification.
  • "Deamidation" represents the second modification.


Displays the modifications listed in the Identification column.


Displays the sites listed in the Identification column.

Num of Mods

Displays the number of modifications occurring in the proteoform.

This number is within the range of the Number of Modifications per Proteoform values.

Mono. Mass

Displays the monoisotopic mass of the proteoform.

Avg. Mass

Displays the average mass of the proteoform.