1. In the Protein Sequence Map pane of the Protein Sequence Editor, position the cursor to the left of one of the following amino acid letter codes:
  2. For a side chain modification, the side chain residue of interest.
  3. For an N-terminal modification, the first residue of the chain.
  4. For a C-terminal modification, the last residue of the chain.
  5. Then, double-click.
  6. The Residue Properties and Modifications dialog box opens.
  7. The properties of the selected amino acid appear in the Residue Properties area. Check these properties to make sure that you selected the appropriate amino acid.
  8. (Optional) To globally remove a side chain modification applied to the selected amino acid letter, do one of the following:
  9. Select the Apply to All checkbox in the Side Chain Modification area and then select Clear.
  10. Select None in the Side Chain, N-Terminal, or C-Terminal Modification area (or in multiple areas).
  11. You can use the Apply to All checkbox to globally make changes only for side chain modifications.
  12. If you want to modify N- or C-terminal modifications, you must modify each instance individually.
  13. Select OK.
  14. When you remove a static modification, the blue highlight for the modified amino acid disappears in the Protein Sequence Map.
  15. If you selected Apply to All for a side chain modification, all of the blue highlights for the modified amino acids disappear.
  16. Select Save or Save as New in the command bar to save the modifications. Or, if you do not want to save the modifications to the sequence, select Cancel.