The following table describes the table columns and the command buttons on the Sequence Manager page.

Parameters on the Sequence Manager page



Sequence table

Displays information about the existing sequences.


Displays the name of the sequence.

Sample Type

Select the sample type for your sequence: Protein or Oligonucleotide.


Displays the category of the sequence: Peptide Mapping, Intact Protein, or Top Down (for proteins); Sequencing or Intact Deconvolution (for oligonucleotides).

Last Modified Time

Displays the date and time that you last modified the sequence.

Average Mass

Displays the average mass of the sequence.

Monoisotopic Mass

Displays the monoisotopic mass of the sequence.

Num. of Chains

Displays the number of chains in the sequence.

Max. Num. of Modifications

Displays the maximum number of modifications for the sequence.

This number is specified by the Intact Protein or Peptide Mapping value in the Variable Modifications for Intact and Peptide Analysis pane or the Number of Modifications per Proteoform value in the Site Specific Variable Modifications for Top Down Analysis pane.

Protein Glycosylation/Oligo Terminal truncation

For protein sequences, displays the selected glycosylation in the protein sequence or None.

For oligonucleotide sequences with the "Intact Deconvolution" category, displays Enabled (if Terminal Truncation Search is enabled) or None.

Num. of Proteoforms

Displays the total number of generated proteoforms in protein sequences used for top down analysis.

Variable Modifications

Displays all of the variable modifications in the sequence.

Protein Static Modifications/Oligonucleotide Building Blocks

Displays all of the static modifications in protein sequences and the oligonucleotide building blocks in oligonucleotide sequences.


For oligonucleotide sequences with the "Intact Deconvolution" category and the Terminal Truncation Search enabled, displays the specificity for the sequence truncation: Remove from 3' or Remove from 5'.

Sequence Length

Displays the total number of amino acids (in a protein sequence) or nucleotide bases (in an oligonucleotide sequence).


Displays a description for each sequence.


New Protein

Opens the Protein Sequence Editor for creating a new protein sequence.

New Oligonucleotide

Opens the Oligonucleotide Sequence Editor for creating a new oligonucleotide sequence.


Opens the selected sequence in the appropriate editor for editing.


Deletes the selected sequence from the sequence table. To make this button available, you must select one or more sequence rows.

Import Sequence

Imports a sequence and adds it to the sequence table.

Export Sequence

Exports a sequence to a BioPharma Finder sequence file to share with other users.

To make this button available, you must select the checkboxes for one or more sequences.

The application exports each sequence as a separate BioPharma Finder sequence file.