1. To copy all contents of a pane, do either of the following:
  2. In the title bar of the pane, select the Copy icon (if available) to copy all of the content in the pane.
  3. Right-click the pane and select Copy, Copy as Displayed, Copy per Global Settings, or Copy Data (if available).
  4. The Copy and Copy as Displayed commands copy the image in the pane as it is currently displayed.
  5. The Copy per Global Settings command copies the image at the set global dimensions.
  6. The Copy Data command copies the data in text format.
  7. To paste the copied content to a Microsoft™ Word™ (or similar text editor) file, select the Web Layout option at the bottom right of the main text editor window.
  8. image/svg+xml Select this icon for the Web Layout option
    Web Layout option in Microsoft Word
  9. In the text document, right-click and select the Keep Source Formatting option under Paste Options.
  10. image/svg+xml Select the Keep Source Formattingoption
    Keep Source Formatting option in Microsoft Word
  11. To paste the contents in HTML format, right-click and select the Paste Special option.
  12. In the Paste Special dialog box, select the HTML option and then select OK.
  13. NOTE

    The content of some panes cannot be pasted into Microsoft™ PowerPoint™ or other presentation applications.