You can convert data saved from previous versions of the BioPharma Finder and Thermo Scientificâ„¢ Protein Deconvolution applications to a format compatible with the latest version of the BioPharma Finder application. You can convert data files by using either of the following:

  • The installer for BioPharma Finder 5.2
  • Convert Legacy Results command on the Load Results page for Intact Mass Analysis

When you install BioPharma Finder 5.2, the installer automatically converts SQLite result files using the following configuration files

  • BioPharma.exe.config stored in C:\ProgramData\ThermoScientific\BioPharma\
  • ProteinDeconvolution.exe.config stored in C:\ProgramData\ThermoScientific\ProteinDeconvolution\

The installer renames these SQLite files as File Name.SQLite.Backup. To load these files again using a legacy application, rename them back to File Name.SQLite.

For intact mass analysis experiments, you must manually convert results not stored in the default folder by using the Convert Legacy Results command on the Load Results page. All converted results appear in the table on this page. The Total Processing Time column displays 0 for all converted results because the start and complete times are not available.