If you want to stop a running job, you can pause the run queue. When you pause the run queue, the current job is cancelled.


  1. Select the Queue tab to open the Queue page.
  2. Select Stop on the command bar.
  3. NOTE

    The Stop button is enabled only when the queue contains one or more jobs and the Status column shows Running for the currently running job.

  4. The application cancels the processing of the currently running job and the status of the job changes to Cancelled.
  5. The application then pauses the queue. The rest of the jobs remain in the Submitted state in the run queue.
  6. The Stop button changes to a Run button.
  7. While the queue is paused, you can add new jobs to the queue as needed. Any jobs you submit for processing while the queue is paused will have a Submitted status.
  8. If you want to rerun the canceled job, you must resubmit it by creating a new experiment, changing the processing method parameters as needed. When you resubmit the canceled experiment as a new experiment, the application places it below all other previously submitted jobs. If the new submitted job has the same experiment name as the previously cancelled job, the cancelled job row is replaced by the new submitted job.