1. On the BioPharma Finder home page, select the Peptide Mapping Analysis, Oligonucleotide Analysis, Intact Mass Analysis, or Top Down Analysis workflow link in the Experiment Types pane or below the splash graphic.
  2. The corresponding workflow page opens.
  3. In the top-right corner of the page, select Import Method.
  4. Import Method button on the Intact Mass Analysis page
    Import Method button on the Intact Mass Analysis page
  5. In the dialog box, locate and select one or more method files you want to import.
  6. For peptide mapping analysis experiments, select filename_peptide.methodbpf.
  7. For oligonucleotide analysis experiments, select filename_oligo.methodbpf.
  8. For intact mass analysis experiments, select filename_intact.methodbpf.
  9. For top down analysis experiments, select filename_topdown.methodbpf.
  10. To import multiple files at once, the files must be located on the same folder.
  11. Select Open.
  12. A message appears confirming the import.
  13. The application adds the imported processing method in the Processing Method table.
  14. If the imported method has the same name as an existing method, the applications appends "_imported" to the file name of the new method.