1. Open the Results page from the Load Results page or the Queue page.
  2. For more information on how to open the Results page, see the appropriate "Viewing [workflow name] results" topic in the User Guide specific to the workflow you are using.
  3. If the correct raw data files are in the most recent location matching the database, the application opens the experiment.
  4. If the raw data files are not in the most recent location, the application opens a dialog box where you can locate the raw data files in their new location. After locating the raw data files, select the files and then select Open.
  5. The default file location for raw data files is C:\Xcalibur\data.
  6. The application checks to see if the selected files match the files used in the experiment.
  7. If the files match, the application opens the experiment.
  8. If the files do not match, the application displays an error message and prompts the user to respecify the raw data file location.