You might need to exit the application to:

  • Perform a software upgrade.
  • Perform a manual database backup.
  • End your session and protect your data from unauthorized changes.


  1. To exit the BioPharma Finder application, select the Close icon in the upper-right corner of the window.
  2. Alternatively, if you are running the application in Ardia platform mode, you can also use the manual lock command to protect your data while you are away.
  3. See Lock the application.


If you previously submitted jobs to the run queue for any of the experiment types in local mode or Ardia platform mode, check the statuses of your experiments. For jobs that are currently running, either stop the run queue or wait for the experiment to complete before exiting. Jobs in the Submitted status are automatically scheduled to resume when the application restarts.

The application displays a warning message if you have experiments currently running.

If you exit the application without disconnecting from the Ardia platform, the next time the application opens, you will be prompted to log in to continue running the application in Ardia platform mode.