When the BioPharma Finder application is locked (manually or due to inactivity), the Login dialog box appears and displays the last logged-in username.


  1. In the Login dialog box, select Authenticate to confirm that you are the last logged-in user.
  2. Type your password and then select Sign in.
  3. (Optional) If you have multiple roles associated with your user account, select a role from the dropdown list and then select Next.
  4. NOTE

    If you do not select the same role that you used to initially log in, the BioPharma Finder application responds with the following message:

    "You do not have permission to unlock the application. Please contact your administrator."

    When you select OK, the application returns to the Login dialog box, which displays the last logged-in username.

  5. After you successfully log in, the application opens in Ardia platform mode and displays the BioPharma Finder home page.
  6. A login indicator (username and role and Ardia platform cloud icon) in the upper right corner of the application Home page serves as confirmation of the Ardia platform connection.