When you open the Help menu from the BioPharma Finder home page while connected to the Ardia platform, you can access the following commands to perform basic platform management tasks:

  • Register with the Ardia platform: Opens the Ardia Platform Registration dialog box.
  • Link to Ardia platform: Links the user to the Ardia platform application.
  • Connect: (Inactive when already connected to the Ardia platform)
  • Disconnect: Disconnects the BioPharma Finder application from the Ardia platform and restarts the application in local mode.
  • Deregister with the Ardia Platform: Deregisters the user from the Ardia platform.
  • Manual Lock: Locks the BioPharma Finder application.
  • Data Space Optimization: Removes temporary BioPharma Finder processing files to free up hard disk space.