An analysis and assessment of the residual risks and dangers before the construction and planning of the AccelerOme system by means of a danger and risk analysis was conducted according to EN 14121

Residual dangers and risks, which could not be prevented by means of construction, and which are present during any phase of the entire AccelerOme system life cycle can be dangers leading to death or severe or minor injury caused by the following:

  • Incorrect use
  • Misconduct
  • Operation without protective casing
  • Operation with defective electrical components
  • Operation in conditions deviating from specified temperatures and humidity
  • Using not approved or unsuitable fluids
  • Contamination with dilutor solution or waste fluid due to incorrectly installed fluid lines
  • Incorrect re-installation or transport
  • Inhalation of sample fluid
  • Skin contact with sample fluid
  • Puncturing with dilutor tool needle
  • Touching hot surfaces
  • Eye irritation due to laser light
  • Dilutor solution fluid emission
  • Waste fluid emissions
  • Noise emissions
  • Over heating

The residual risks and dangers can be prevented if everyone using the AccelerOme system or in its vicinity, strictly observes the general and the specific warnings and safety instructions, as well as the warning signs on or inside the AccelerOme instrument. This also includes the instructions for fire fighters, medical rescue teams, civil protection organizations or technical support organizations in case of fires, flooding, emergency and other special cases involving such organizations.