The event log retention policy determines the duration to retain the experiment and test run event logs. Once the duration is met, the event log is purged. Purging the event log prevents the accumulation of the previous runs on the instrument, that occupy disk space.

  • The event log retention policy is preset in the system configuration.
  • The values for retention period, purge interval, and the number of records to be retained, are preset.
  • Setting these values triggers the scheduler timer and the purge interval time triggers the retention policy at each interval of the set value.
  • If the retention policy is satisfied, it purges the records in the event log per the set values and creates a purge event entry in the event log.
  • The retention policy is configured so that when the instrument reaches either 2000 experiments or five years, whichever occurs later, the event log gets purged.
  • The event log purge occurs earliest after five years and latest when the instrument completes 2000 experiment runs.