This service tool walks you through the process of changing the needle on the dilutor tool. This can be done on an as needed basis, based on the preventative maintenance schedule, or when the instrument informs the user of a collision or other needle-related issue.


Ensure the instrument door is closed before starting the needle change service procedure.

For the replacement needle part number, see Spare parts.

For details about the needle change procedure, see Replace the needle of the dilutor tool.


Sharp Object

The dilutor needle is sharp. Avoid touching the needle tip.


Toxic material

The old needle might be exposed to hazardous chemicals and contact with your skin can contaminate the needle.

Wear gloves while replacing the needle.


  1. On the home screen, tap the Settings icon (gear), tap Service Tools, and then tap Change the Needle.
  2. On screen 1 of 5, Prepare to Change the Needle, wait until the robot arm and the needle guide stop moving. Open the door, and tap Next.
  3. (Optional) Download the needle change instructions in pdf format to a USB drive.
  4. On screen 2 of 5, Remove the Needle, unscrew the union nut. Swing the union out of the way. Remove the needle and nut. Tap Next.
  5. On screen 3 of 5, Prepare New Needle, dispose off the old needle. Retain the union nut. Insert a new needle through the union nut. Tap Next.
  6. On screen 4 of 5, Install New Needle, insert the new needle assembly into the needle guide. Swing the union into a position above the needle axis. Screw the union nut onto the union. Tap Next.
  7. On screen 5 of 5, Close Door, close the door and tap Done.