During a system test, the tool performs the following tests:

  • Confirms that the robot arm can move freely and can move to the home position. Home position of the robot arm is predefined.
  • Tests the control of the thermal mixer agitation and the heating with the thermal mixer.
  • Checks if the spectrophotometer is communicating properly with the instrument software.


  1. On the home screen, tap the Settings icon (gear), tap Service Tools, and then tap System Test.
  2. On the System Test screen, tap Run Test.
  3. The system displays status information while it performs the test.
  4. Tap Cancel to abort the run.
  5. Tap Back upon run completion to return to the home screen.


The system test and the thermomixer test both cause the thermal mixer to heat up. Therefore, running either of these tests back-to-back can produce an error. Wait 15 minutes for the thermal mixer to cool down before running another test.