Special Notices, Symbols, and Cautions

Notice, symbol, or label



Highlights information necessary to prevent damage to software, loss of data, or invalid test results; or might contain information that is critical for optimal performance of the product.


Highlights information of general interest.


Highlights helpful information that can make a task easier.

Caution: To prevent possible harm to the user or damage to the product, follow these instructions.

Chemical hazard: Observe safe laboratory practices and procedures when handling chemicals. Only work with volatile chemicals under a fume or exhaust hood. Wear gloves and other protective equipment, as appropriate, when handling toxic, carcinogenic, mutagenic, corrosive, or irritant chemicals. Use approved containers and proper procedures to dispose of waste oil and when handling wetted parts of the instrument.

Heavy object: Never lift or move the instrument by yourself; you can suffer personal injury or damage the instrument.

Risk of electric shock: This instrument uses voltages that can cause electric shock and personal injury. Before servicing the instrument, shut it down and disconnect it from line power. While operating the instrument, keep covers on.

Risk of eye injury: Eye injury can occur from splattered chemicals, airborne particles, or sharp objects. Wear safety glasses when handling chemicals or servicing the instrument.

Trip or obstacle: Be aware of cords, hoses, or other objects located on the floor.