Perform check tool calibration in the User level.

For the PAL terminal button functions, refer to the PAL terminal section.

If any errors appear upon turning on the PAL terminal, clear them by resolving all errors. If there are no errors and a solid green light appears on the PAL terminal status bar, proceed to check tool calibration. If the robot arm is unable to home properly, see Robot arm calibration.


  1. On the PAL terminal screen, select DIL UV 1; NL: 80 mm.
  2. Select the tool from the menu
    Select the tool from the menu
  3. Select Options and select Check Tool Calibration.
  4. The on-screen graphic displays the teaching point for the tool.
  5. Select check tool calibration
    Select check tool calibration
  6. To check the teach point, press Check.
  7. The robot arm moves to the teach point, lowers the tool to the teach point, and verifies the correct position and coordinates along the X, Y, and Z axes. In the correct position, the tool aligns with the center of the teach point position.
  8. Check teach point
    Check teach point
    Tool teach point
    Tool teach point
  9. When the teaching is checked, press Next on the PAL terminal.
  10. Press next
    Press next
  11. Press OK.
  12. The robot arm moves back to the home position.
Check teaching complete
Check teaching complete


If the check teaching fails (for example, the position of the module is incorrectly aligned with respect to the tool), perform a re-teaching of the module (see Tool calibration).