Any use outside the intended use is regarded as incorrect use. Thermo Scientific™ is not liable for any injuries or damages resulting from incorrect use that could impair the instrument's intrinsic and active safety features. The owner of the instrument bears the sole responsibility for any risk related to incorrect use of any kind. The intended (correct) use includes the observance of the instructions in this document, as well as all applicable documents and ensures compliance to all valid applicable safety and occupational health regulations. Thermo Scientific™ assumes no liability for injuries of persons or damage of property resulting from:

  • Unauthorized modifications to the AccelerOme system as well as the use of spare parts, accessory parts, attachments and special devices, which are not certified and approved by Thermo Scientific™. Such parts can compromise the safety of the system.
  • Ignorance or misinterpretation of, or noncompliance to safety instructions and warnings in this document or in other applicable documents.
  • Negligence of any instructions during operation, service, maintenance or repair of the instrument, even if they are not specifically stated in the User and/or Service Guide or in any other applicable document.
  • Non-observance of instructions in this document or in any other applicable document due to a use case deviating from the intended use.
  • Not performing or incorrectly performing maintenance or repair work.

Warranty claims can only be made if the terms of warranty are observed. These are detailed in the general terms of sales and delivery. In addition to these terms, the conditions, instructions, safety advice, warnings and other information in this document and all other applicable documents are a part of the safety features of the system and must be strictly observed.

Thermo Scientific™ customer service must immediately be informed in case a damage occurs within the guarantee period. Our further instructions must be awaited. Until clarification of the cause of damage and explicit written approval, the instrument must be left in the state or condition resulting from the damage.

In case of personal damage, the national or regional employer’s liability insurance association and any other responsible institution must be notified immediately.

Warranty claims cannot be accepted in cases of:

  • Operating errors
  • Improperly performed or neglected maintenance
  • Use of incorrect consumables

Do not remove or cover any warning signs on the AccelerOme instrument. Warning signs, which are worn down due to the cleaning of the instrument must be replaced by identical, readable warning signs.

The personnel using the AccelerOme system must only do so if it is in a faultless condition. Ensure that all personnel using or maintaining the AccelerOme system wear appropriate clothing and equipment for personal protection and strictly observe all measures for health protection required in your country, region or community.

The information, instructions, and the safety information in this document apply exclusively to the AccelerOme automated sample preparation system.