Check the waste line monthly for damage or wear. Before checking the waste line, switch off the instrument and disconnect the power supply cord. Ensure to check only the external waste line and not the internal ones for which you need to remove the back cover. Replace the waste line, if necessary.


  1. Switch off the instrument.
  2. Disconnect the power cord.
  3. Visually check the waste line for obstructions and dirt deposits.
  4. If the waste line is obstructed or clogged with dirt deposits, replace it.
  5. Disconnect the waste line from the instrument.
  6. Disconnect the waste line from the waste container below the instrument.

    Biological Hazard

    The waste fluid is biohazardous. Getting in contact with the waste fluid can cause injury or death.

    • While disconnecting the waste line, be careful to ensure that the waste fluid does not spill.
    • Wear protective clothing, equipment, and gloves.
  8. Connect the new waste line to the instrument.
  9. Connect the new waste line to the waste container.
  10. Verify the tightness of the connection with clean water.
  11. Visually inspect the waste line for leaks or use a paper towel to ensure no leakage.


Check and empty the waste container monthly.