You can perform certain service and minor repairs yourself as a part of the regular maintenance of the AccelerOme instrument. Instructions for these maintenance procedures are described in this section. For all other maintenance and repair work, it is mandatory that you consult a specially trained service technician. The tasks for which a service technician must be engaged are listed in the AccelerOme Service Guide.

The prerequisites before performing preventative maintenance procedures are as follows:

  • Before performing any service or repair work on the instrument, make sure it is switched off and disconnected from the power supply. Due to the hot surface of the thermal mixer, wait approximately 30 minutes before starting any maintenance until it has cooled down to the room temperature.
  • Before performing any maintenance or troubleshooting on the instrument, purge the solution lines to remove the liquid from them.
  • A preventative maintenance kit is available to perform maintenance procedures. Contact your customer support for ordering information.
  • Ensure not to leave objects on the instrument deck, for safety reasons.
  • Regularly check the waste container contents to prevent overflow.
  • After performing maintenance and troubleshooting, prime the lines to check for leaks, and clean the needle and the lines after handling to ensure that the system is ready for operation.


Improper reassembly of the system can lead to injury.

Ensure to check each module presented in this section on a monthly basis for any damage or wear. Replace the affected module according to the maintenance procedures described.