Following are the parameters on the home screen of the instrument interface.

Instrument interface home screen parameters



Back (icon)

Go to the previous screen.

Home (icon)

Go to the instrument interface home screen.

Settings (gear icon)

Go to the settings menu.

Run history (notepad icon)

View or export the run history on the instrument.

Start with method (folder icon)

Start running an experiment with a method file.

Status (green heart icon)

View the status of the instrument and the following technical details:

  • Operating Details
    • Thermomixer Temperature
    • Cooling Tray Temperature
    • IP Address
    • Instrument Name
  • Instrument Statistics
    • Valve Movements
    • Number of Samples
    • Door Locks
    • Needle Penetrations
    • UV Light Bulb Flashes
    • Kit Usage

Tray cooler temperature (numeric temperature value)

Tray cooler temperature setting.


Log in or log out of the instrument interface.

Quick Start Setup

Use a method template to design and run an experiment.

Start with Method

Use a predefined method file to run an experiment.