Change the reconstitution parameters for the injection amount and volume as follows.


  1. On the home screen, tap the Settings icon (gear) and tap Reconstitution for LCMS.
  2. Change one or both of the following settings:
  • Select a new value for LCMS Injection Amount.
  • Select a new value for LCMS Injection Volume.
  • Tap Save.
  • The values are used for sample reconstitution guidance and LCMS injection sequence template files.
  • If the values are changed during a run, the new values are used for the completed run output.
  • Reconstitution parameters

    Change reconstitution for LCMS screen parameters



    LCMS Injection Amount

    Sets the LCMS injection amount. The boundary conditions are 0.01 micrograms to 1 micrograms in 0.01 microgram increments between 0.01 and 0.3, then 0.1 increments. Default = 0.2 micrograms.

    LCMS Injection Volume

    Sets the LCMS injection volume. The boundary conditions are 0.1 to 6 microliters in 0.05 microliter increments. Default = 1 microliters.


    Saves changes. Only active when a change has been made.