View the software version or upgrade the software version as follows.


  1. On the Home Screen, tap the Settings icon (gear) and select Software Overview.
  2. Tap the Software Overview button to see the current software version and the software upgrade version, if available.
  3. Tap the Upgrade Software button to upgrade the software.


The instrument interface restarts upon software upgrade.

Software upgrade process


  1. The instrument interface software detects that a new version is available in Flexera.
  2. A warning message is displayed after tapping the Upgrade Software button.
  3. Upon tapping the OK button, a window displaying a message titled Copying files appears for three to five minutes depending on the installer size.
  4. Once all files are copied, the screen turns black and a pop-up window appears with the message:
    Please wait while Windows configures AccelerOme eUI 1.1
    Gathering required information
  5. A pop-up window appears with the message:
    Preparing to remove older version of the application.
  6. A pop-up window appears with the message:
    Removing older version of the application.
  7. A pop-up window appears with the message:
    The touch screen interface will restart after software upgrade.
  8. NOTE

    Sometimes, this pop-up window is hidden behind the uninstallation progress window. This makes it appear as if the uninstallation is still in progress even if it's complete. Tap this pop-up window to display it fully and then tap OK.

  9. Wait until Windows configures AccelerOme eUI 1.1.
  10. Windows restarts.
  11. Screen goes completely black for less than a minute.
  12. Windows auto logon screen appears.
  13. The instrument interface software launches.
  14. The software reconnects to the instrument and runs power on self-test.
  15. The software overview shows the latest version information.