The color of the instrument interior illumination represents the state of system (idle, busy, waiting or error) and of the door lock (locked or unlocked).

Instrument interior illumination information

Color of light

System status

Door status

Yellow (steady)

System is starting up.

Door is unlocked

White (pulsing)

System is idle.

Door is unlocked

White (steady bright)

System is loading or unloading.

Door is open

Green (steady)

System is waiting to unload. A sample run has been finished successfully.

Door is unlocked

Blue (pulsing)

System is busy. A sample run is in progress.

Door is locked

Orange (pulsing)

An error occurred, sample run was interrupted .

Door is locked (if the instrument is moving)

Door is unlocked (if the instrument is not moving)

Orange (flashing)

Door lock failed.

This illumination is accompanied by a constant beeping sound.

Door is unlocked and slightly open

If the instrument is running, the door is always locked. Otherwise, it is unlocked.