During routine operation, for example, sample processing (pulsing blue light), the front door is locked by an electromagnetic lock. This front door lock mechanism shields the sample processing against environmental factors and accidental user interference.

If the instrument is idle or being loaded or unloaded, the door is unlocked. When the door is unlocked, the instrument interior is illuminated with a white light.

For any other light color, the door is locked and needs to be unlocked via the instrument interface. When you unlock the door from the instrument interface, the light switches to white. When the door is open, the light stays white.

AccelerOme door lock
AccelerOme door lock

After a sample run is finished successfully (green light) or an error occurs (orange light), open the door using the instrument interface to solve the problem or unload the instrument deck.

Certain service work must be carried out with the door open (for example, needle change or teaching). If the robot arm moves during these operations, an acoustic signal sounds to warn you.

If an error occurs during sample processing, the method run stops, the robot arm moves to the home position, the front door is unlocked, and the instrument interior is illuminated with a pulsing orange light.

If the door lock breaks or stops functioning, opening the door of the instrument during a run illuminates the instrument interior with an orange pulsing light and an acoustic signal sounds to alert you. When you close the door, the light turns blue and the acoustic signal stops.


If the door sensor fails, you can not submit an experiment or test run or use the service tools. Contact the field service engineer in this case.