Before checking the vial positions, checking the teaching or performing teaching of the modules in the AccelerOme instrument, install the SPE cartridges, tray D buffers, tray B1 and B2 reagent kits, and the input and output plates as shown in the figure below.


If no reagents are available, proceed with installing the IQ kit.

Loaded instrument deck
Loaded instrument deck

Install the items as follows:

  • Install the SPE solution tray containing the SPE cartridges into the μSPE tray slot on the instrument interior deck, on the SPE solution tray adapter plate.
  • Install the D buffers into the tray D slot.
  • Install the protein digestion reagent kit (blue vial caps) in tray slot B1 on front part of the reagent kits adapter.
  • Install the TMT reagent kits (black vial caps) in tray slot B2 on the back part of the reagent kits adapter.
  • Install the input plate on top of the heat distributor on the thermal mixer.
  • Install the output plate on tray slot A on the output plate tray insert.


These consumables are loaded for teaching purpose only and must be removed before running the Install Qualification test.