Perform check teaching in the User level.

For the PAL terminal button functions, refer to the PAL terminal section.


  1. On the PAL terminal screen, select Tray Holder 1. Select Slot 3. Select Tray SPE. Select uSPE96 Cartridge.
  2. Select tray holder 1
    Select tray holder 1
    Select slot 3
    Select slot 3
    Select tray SPE
    Select tray SPE
  3. Select Options and select Check Teaching.
  4. Select check teaching
    Select check teaching
  5. The on-screen graphic displays the teaching points for tray SPE (There are three teach points for each: back left, front left, and front right edge positions of the module). Before checking teaching, ensure that three kit vials are placed in the three teach point positions. For checking the first teach point, press Check. The robot arm moves to the teach point and checks teaching by lowering the tool to the back left edge position of tray SPE (so it touches the vial cap) and verifying the correct position and coordinates along the X, Y, and Z axes. When positioned correctly, the tool aligns with the center of the teach point position.
  6. Check first teach point
    Check first teach point
    Tray SPE first teach point
    Tray SPE first teach point
  7. When done, press Next.
  8. Press next
    Press next
  9. Press Check to check the teaching on the second teach point at the front left edge of tray SPE.
  10. Check second teach point
    Check second teach point
    Tray SPE second teach point