Perform teaching in the Extended User level.

For the PAL terminal button functions, refer to the PAL terminal section.


  1. On the PAL terminal screen, select Tray Cooler 1. Select Slot 1.
  2. Select tray cooler 1
    Select tray cooler 1
  3. Select Options and select Teach Module.
  4. Select teach module
    Select teach module
  5. Move the robot arm manually to the teach point position displayed on the PAL terminal screen. Lower the tool so it touches the teach point and align it so that the tool is positioned at the center of the teach point.
  6. Tray cooler teach point
    Tray cooler teach point
  7. Press Save on the PAL terminal. This displays the coordinates of the saved position and allows you to manually adjust the coordinate values, if necessary. To change the coordinate values for either the x, y, or z position, select the respective co-ordinate and edit the value using the scroll wheel.
  8. Save teach point position
    Save teach point position
  9. When done, press Next. Press OK.
Press next
Press next
Teaching complete
Teaching complete