The following symbols are displayed in the menu screen status bar:

PAL terminal status bar symbols



Green status light, blinking

The instrument is moving. Specific actions from the PAL terminal are not allowed. Execution mode.

Green status light, steady on

The instrument is ready for use. Idle Mode.

Yellow status light, blinking

PAL3 firmware is booting.

Configuration error during operation.

Yellow status light, steady on

A problem is detected, which cannot be resolved by the PAL terminal. For example, bent needle, collision (or other mechanical problems), missing dilutor tool (or other missing objects) detected during sample execution.

A software run-time error can also cause the status light to change to steady-on yellow.

Blue status light, blinking

The instrument is performing a software update or backup.

For copy backup and restore, the status light stays green.

Blue status light, steady on

The instrument is in a safe state (power reduced to a minimum) and requires, for example, a manual movement of the robot arm to the teach point.

If an error is detected at the same time that an action is required, then, by default, the yellow status light takes precedence.

USB symbol

A USB device is connected to the instrument.

Message (envelope) blinking

Pending message

Examples: Error message after software upgrade or if the instrument is not taught yet.

Service issue

Examples: PAL device not detected on the PAL bus, is defective or missing.

In the User access level, only the message symbol is displayed. To view and process the system messages, you have to change the access level to Extended User.


Indicator for the Extended User access level.

Flat wrench

Indicator for the Service access level.