The Options menu is the starting point to navigate through the different areas (Setup, Local Scripts, Maintenance, and so on) of the firmware, if entered from the start screen.

Options menu on the start screen
Options menu on the start screen

An arrow to the right of an item in the Options menu indicates the availability of one or more submenus.


  1. Press the left menu button to open the Options menu.
  2. The Options menu items are displayed and the function of the left menu button is changed to Select.
  3. Use the scroll wheel to select an item from the menu.
  4. Press Select or Enter to confirm the selection.
  5. The command is executed or, if available, the items of the submenu are displayed.
  6. Sub-menu of setup menu
    Sub-menu of setup menu
  7. Navigate through all menus and submenus until you find the option you want to select.