The PAL terminal structure is defined as follows:

PAL terminal
PAL terminal


Display showing the screen menu


Menu Button Left - for selecting the function shown on the display above the button (for example, opening the Options menu)


Menu Button Right - for selecting the function shown on the display above the button (for example, starting the procedure Check)


Stop button for aborting a run. A running activity (for example, the filling of a syringe) is completed before the run abortion


Back button for returning to the previous screen, or if pressed continuously, for returning to the start screen


Enter button for confirming a selection


Scroll wheel for choosing an option from a menu or gradually changing a value

Use the PAL terminal for installation, troubleshooting, or testing.

PAL terminal buttons and menu options

The buttons and menu options on the PAL terminal are described as follows:

  • The two menu buttons correspond to the function shown on the display, directly above the buttons.
  • The left menu button usually accesses the Options menu. The Options menu contains additional commands and menus.
  • The right menu button executes standard commands like OK, Next, and so on.
  • The Back button takes you back to the previous screen, or, if pressed continuously, back to the start screen.
  • The Stop button aborts a process run. The run is aborted after the current step in the process is complete, for example, after filling a syringe.
  • Thus, in this context, the term Stop refers to the controlled end of a process. For example, finishing the processing of a sample from the sample list.
  • When you execute the Stop command, the automated run is paused, and you can make modifications or corrections to, continue with, or stop the run completely.
  • The Stop button on the PAL terminal stops a process during a run.
  • The Scroll Wheel navigates through lists and to select a certain item or command. Rotate the outer wheel to scroll through items in a menu and press the inner button (Enter button) to confirm a selection.