This Safety Guide presents the potential safety issues and general considerations for the Thermo Fisher Scientific representatives performing the installation and repair of the AccelerOme system, or its parts, as well as for the end user in the laboratory during the learning phase, and in routine work.


Read this section before operating the AccelerOme system.

Make sure that you follow the precautionary notices within this document and in any additional related documentation.

Warning explanations

CAUTION and NOTICE are standard signal words for identifying the levels of hazard seriousness of risks related to personal injury and property damage. All signal words related to personal injury are accompanied by the general safety sign.

For safety, it is important to read and fully understand the safety definitions below with the different signal words and their definitions.

Safety messages definitions


Signal Word


Indicates a hazardous situation which, if not avoided, may result in minor or moderate injury.

Indicates possible material damage, but no scope of personal injury.

Supplementary safety information symbols can be placed in a rectangular panel on the left of the signal word and the supplementary text.

Commonly used safety symbols

Safety symbol descriptions



Caution, or refer to User Guide

Risk of needle related puncture

Hot surface or high temperature

Danger of crushing fingers and hands

Laser warning or barcode reader

Biological hazard

Risk of electrical shock (high voltage)

Risk of explosion

Combustible and flammable materials

Risk of head injury


The light bulb symbol highlights information necessary to prevent damage to software, loss of data, invalid test results or instrument damage. It might contain information that is critical for optimal performance of the system or other important information about a task.