The technical data for the AccelerOme system is as follows:

General technical data for the AccelerOme system



Protection class (a)

Class I

Over voltage category (b)

Category II

Pollution degree (c)


Moisture protection (d)

Normal (IPXO)


100-240 VAC

50/60 Hz

Fuse (PAL control board)


Fuse (Power inlet socket)

T4A/250V (2 pcs)

a: Protection class I:

Protection class describes the insulating scheme used in the instrument to protect you from electrical shock. Class I identifies a single level of insulation between live parts (wires) and exposed conductive parts (metal panels), in which the exposed conductive parts are connected to a grounding system. This grounding system is connected to the third pin (ground pin) on the electrical power plug.

b: Over voltage category II:

Over voltage category II pertains to instruments that receive their electrical power from a local level such as an electrical wall outlet.

c: Pollution degree 2:

This is a measure of pollution in electrical circuits that might produce a reduction of the dielectric strength or surface resistivity.

Degree 2 normally refers only to non-conductive pollution.

Occasionally, however, a temporary conductivity caused by condensation is to be expected.

d: Moisture protection:

Normal (IPXO) – IPXO means that there is No Ingress Protection against any type of dripping or sprayed water. The X is a place holder to identify protection against dust, if applicable.