The solution compartment is on the left side of the instrument behind a glass door.

It contains the five solution bottles (2 x 1 L and 3 x 0.5 L). The heavier 1L bottles are placed on the lower shelf, while the lighter 0.5 L bottles are placed on the top shelf.


The 0.5 L bottles are not used. The space for these bottles is designed and available for possible future use.

Solution compartment
Solution compartment

The solution lines leading to the different connections in the valve of the dilutor module are connected to the corresponding solution bottles, so that the respective solutions can be dispensed through the dilutor tool. Solution line from the aqueous solution W1 goes into port 5 and the one from the organic solution W2 goes into port 6 of the dilutor valve.

The shelves are designed to let any liquid leaking out of the bottles collect into a collecting pan below the lower shelf and accumulate there.

You can access the collecting pan by removing the lower bottles and lifting up the lower shelf.

The collecting pan in the solution compartment


Lower shelf in solution compartment


Collection pan


Hand Injury

Do not reach into the solution compartment (beyond the yellow safety strip) when the instrument is running and the robot arm is moving.

Solution compartment safety strip
Solution compartment safety strip