The AccelerOme instrument deck has 7 slots for trays, one of which is used for two half-trays. Slots A, C, D, µSPE, D and F are used for standard sized trays while position B is split in two slots, B1 and B2. The µSPE slot is reserved for trays with µSPE cartridges. During installation, the respective trays are positioned according to the labels on the tray slots.

The trays are put into the slots and held in position by the spring clips. To remove them, they have to be pulled out of the slot upwards.

Tray slots
Tray slots

Teaching of the tray slots is done using the three teach positions.

The teaching concept is described in this document. Teaching is completed before the instrument is delivered.

Teach points for tray slots


Tray F teach point


Tray D teach point


Tray B1/B2 teach point