The AccelerOme system is an Automated Sample Preparation Platform (ASPP) for sample preparation using µSPE (micro Solid Phase Extraction) technology. It is a standalone system and not directly connected to an analyzer. It is intended to be used exclusively with Thermo Scientific™ AccelerOme reagent kits. The aqueous samples are prepared according to the reagent-specific method according to the following workflow:

  • Room temperature storage
  • Optional cooled storage (optional Tray Cooler Module)
  • Liquid transfer
  • Addition of reagents
  • Mixing or shaking, up to 60 °C (140 °F)
  • Extraction with µSPE cartridges
  • Measurement of UV absorbance for sample quantification

After preparing the samples on the instrument, dry and reconstitute the samples before LCMS (Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry) analysis.

The prepared samples are ready to be injected into the external LCMS system. Use of the system is restricted to qualified personnel with proper knowledge of safety precautions while working with laboratory equipment as well as personnel safety.

The intended (correct) use includes compliance to all warnings, safety instructions and technical data including the supply specifications and environmental conditions specified in the documentation. The intended use includes compliance to the instructions in this document and all applicable documents, as well as the national, regional, and local legal stipulations and regulations.

Thermo Scientific™ assumes no liability for any damage resulting from improper use or incorrect operation of the system or ignoring the safety information in this document or warning signs on the instrument or any damage resulting from no or improper maintenance and/or any use outside the specified limits of the system and of the intended use.